DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA, Vol. 12 (2007), 313-359

Christian Voigt

Equivariant Local Cyclic Homology and the Equivariant Chern-Connes Character

We define and study equivariant analytic and local cyclic homology for smooth actions of totally disconnected groups on bornological algebras. Our approach contains equivariant entire cyclic cohomology in the sense of Klimek, Kondracki and Lesniewski as a special case and provides an equivariant extension of the local cyclic theory developped by Puschnigg. As a main result we construct a multiplicative Chern-Connes character for equivariant $ KK $-theory with values in equivariant local cyclic homology.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 19D55, 19K35, 19L47, 46A17

Keywords and Phrases: Local cyclic homology, Chern-Connes character

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