12 (2007)

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21.	Dimitar P. Jetchev, William A. Stein
	Visibility of the Shafarevich--Tate Group 
	at Higher Level
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 673--696
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  49k, dvi 116k, ps.gz 966k, pdf 282k

20.	Florian Ivorra
	Réalisation ell-Adique 
	des Motifs Triangulés Géométriques I
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 607--671
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 180k, dvi 523k, ps.gz 1189k, pdf 632k

19.	William A. Stein
	Visibility of Mordell-Weil Groups
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 587--606
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  41k, dvi 144k, ps.gz 851k, pdf 240k

18.	Alexander Pushnitski and Grigori Rozenblum
	Eigenvalue Clusters of the Landau Hamiltonian 
	in the Exterior of a Compact Domain
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 569--586
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  31k, dvi  73k, ps.gz 586k, pdf 176k

17.	Indranil Biswas and Johannes Huisman
	Rational Real Algebraic Models 
	of Topological Surfaces
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 549--567
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  35k, dvi  87k, ps.gz 695k, pdf 194k

16.	Igor Wigman
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 547--548
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz   3k, dvi   5k, ps.gz 346k, pdf  41k

15.	Pierre Guillot
	Geometric Methods for Cohomological Invariants
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 521--545
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  48k, dvi 115k, ps.gz 807k, pdf 248k

14.	Esfandiar Nava Yazdani
	Generic Observability of Dynamical Systems
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 505--520
	--> This manuscript contains graphics,
	--> hence the dvi files will be incomplete.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  30k, dvi  69k, ps.gz 763k, pdf 220k

13.	Karim Johannes Becher, Detlev W. Hoffmann
	Isotropy of Quadratic Spaces 
	in Finite and Infinite Dimension
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 473--504
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  59k, dvi 143k, ps.gz 610k, pdf 286k

12.	Alexander Schmidt
	Rings of Integers of Type $K(,1)$
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 441--471
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  55k, dvi 140k, ps.gz 917k, pdf 302k

11.	Lionel Dorat
	G-Structures Entières et Modules de Wach
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 399--440
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  99k, dvi 253k, ps.gz 871k, pdf 440k

10.	Richard Hill
	Construction of Eigenvarieties in Small
	Cohomological Dimensions for Semi-Simple,
	Simply Connected Groups
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 363--397
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  50k, dvi 133k, ps.gz 659k, pdf 270k

9.	Kiran S. Kedlaya
	Erratum for «Slope Filtrations Revisited» 
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 361--362
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz   5k, dvi   8k, ps.gz 387k, pdf  49k

8.	Christian Voigt
	Equivariant Local Cyclic Homology 
	and the Equivariant Chern-Connes Character
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 313--359
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  91k, dvi 231k, ps.gz 840k, pdf 411k

7.	Jean Fasel
	The Chow-Witt ring
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 275--312
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  64k, dvi 171k, ps.gz 584k, pdf 334k

6.	Jan Nekovár
	On the Parity of Ranks of Selmer Groups III
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 243--274
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  55k, dvi 137k, ps.gz 762k, pdf 294k

5.	V. Gritsenko, K. Hulek and G. K. Sankaran
	The Hirzebruch-Mumford Volume for 
	the Orthogonal Group and Applications 
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 215--241
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  46k, dvi 109k, ps.gz 663k, pdf 255k

4.	Gonçalo Tabuada
	On the Structure of Calabi-Yau Categories 
	with a Cluster Tilting Subcategory
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 193--213
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  38k, dvi  93k, ps.gz 803k, pdf 213k

3.	Andreas Langer and Thomas Zink
	De Rham-Witt Cohomology and Displays
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007) 147--191
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  74k, dvi 194k, ps.gz 903k, pdf 358k

2.	Marc Levine
	Motivic Tubular Neighborhoods
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007)  71--146
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 146k, dvi 384k, ps.gz 1186k, pdf 635k

1.	Benoît Collins, James A. Mingo,
	Piotr ´Sniady, Roland Speicher
	Second Order Freeness and
	Fluctuations of Random Matrices III.
	Higher order freeness and free cumulants
	Documenta Math. 12 (2007)    1--70
	--> This manuscript contains graphics,
	--> hence the dvi files will be incomplete.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 114k, dvi 306k, ps.gz 1135k, pdf 523k

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