DOCUMENTA MATHEMATICA, Vol. 20 (2015), 631-668

V. Maillot and D. Rössler

On a Canonical Class of Green Currents for the Unit Sections of Abelian Schemes

We show that on any abelian scheme over a complex quasi-projective smooth variety, there is a Green current for the zero-section, which is axiomatically determined up to $∂$ and $\bar∂$-exact differential forms. On an elliptic curve, this current specialises to a Siegel function. We prove generalisations of classical properties of Siegel functions, like distribution relations and reciprocity laws. Furthermore, as an application of a refined version of the arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem, we show that the above current, when restricted to a torsion section, is the realisation in analytic Deligne cohomology of an element of the (Quillen) $K_1$ group of the base, the corresponding denominator being given by the denominator of a Bernoulli number. This generalises the second Kronecker limit formula and the denominator 12 computed by Kubert, Lang and Robert in the case of Siegel units. Finally, we prove an analog in Arakelov theory of a Chern class formula of Bloch and Beauville, where the canonical current plays a key role.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 14G40, 14K15, 11G16, 11G55,

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